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Leaving a gift in your will

Make a lasting impact
with a bequest to ERCS

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift that is made through your Will. Sometimes known as Legacy Giving, a bequest can be any size, big or small. The gift is made as part of your estate and can be made out to a person, not-for-profit organisation (like us), school, university, trust, or foundation. A bequest is personal to you and can include things like: 

  • A financial gift

  • Financial assets like shares and other investments

  • Property

Leaving a Legacy

A bequest or a gift in your Will is an amazing way to carry on the work of your life.


No matter the size of your bequest, you will make a difference. By choosing to leave a bequest to Edmund Rice Community Services, you not only help support our good work, you give your family and friends a lasting legacy they can be proud of. 

Around 15%i of Australians plan to include a charity in their Will, but only around 7.4%ii of adults with a Will actually do so. 

To make a lasting difference in the community you can start a conversation with a solicitor or public trustee about your Will. Working with a legal professional will ensure your Will will be carried out as you intend.

At any time you can edit your will to include a bequest to an organisation like us. It is a decision for you to make as to what that gift looks like. 

Our promise to you

We are here to support your decision and answer any questions you may have about making an impactful legacy with your bequest.


If you would like to talk about your decision or about our Organisation, get in contact with us at and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you make have about what we will do with your gift. 

Integrity is a core value of ERCS. If you do choose to support our cause with a bequest, our commitment to you is that we will: 

  • Honour your wishes as left in your Will

  • Respect the decision making process you will need to go through to make such an important decision

  • Ensure your bequest is your decision alone

  • Understand that you may change your mind and that’s okay. We respect your discretion to reconsider your decision

  • Only publicise what you’re comfortable with

  • Ensure your gift is used effectively

  • Stay connected with you to keep you updated with the impacts, programs, and direction of the organisation

How to leave a bequest to us

You can leave a gift in your Will to support the work of Edmund Rice Community Services and its communities across Australia by either:

  • Nominating a percentage of your estate that you would like Edmund Rice Community Services to receive. It can be as low as 1% or as high as 100% 

  • Leaving a specific amount of money, real estate or shares to Edmund Rice Community Services — this is known as a pecuniary gift. 


We’ve provided some helpful wording to include a gift to ERCS in your Will:

“I give, devise and bequeath, free of all duties and taxes *<what you choose to gift> to Edmund Rice Community Services Limited (ABN 20 067 072 726) of 126-156 The Avenue, Parkville VIC 3052 (or its successor organisation) for its general purposes. An authorised receipt from Edmund Rice Community Services LTD will be a sufficient discharge for the executor(s) or trustee without seeing the final distribution.”

Learn more about our communities

Get in Contact

Our team is always here to chat and talk you through the detail and process of leaving a bequest to ERCS. 

You can reach us at anytime at:

Thank you for considering a gift to Edmund Rice Community Services. Together we can deliver our vision for the community. Our vision is Together, building communities where people thrive and belong.

Find out more about our organisation and the inspiring work happening around Australia by browsing our website. 

i Include a Charity, 2013. Solicitor Research, s.l.: Include a Charity.
ii McGregor-Lowndes, Myles, Marie Crittall, Denise Conroy and Robyn Keast with Christopher Baker, Jo Barraket and Wendy Scaife. 2017. Individual giving and volunteering. Giving Australia 2016 report series commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Brisbane, Queensland: The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, Queensland University of Technology, Centre for Social Impact Swinburne, Swinburne University of Technology and the Centre for Corporate Public Affairs.

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