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Executive Team

The Edmund Rice Community Services Executive Team is driven by our mission. They support our people in their work in moments of change for the common good.

Andrée Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Andrée’s passion and energy for Edmund Rice Community Services stems from engagement and learning from people across all walks of life and working collaboratively to find solutions, particularly to justice issues. She is driven by a belief that if we choose to be in a relationship with others looking for just responses, then we commit to being fully present and offering our best selves.

Andrée has developed her knowledge, skills and passion for social justice through her diverse work in the youth and community services sector in Australia over 32 years, as a volunteer, youth worker, manager, board member and consultant. She has worked across the education sector, community agencies, and local, state and federal governments, with the endeavor to ensure quality services are delivered for people. She began her passion for working with children and young people as a volunteer with Edmund Rice Camps Victoria, progressively moving through a journey with Edmund Rice ministries and schools, leading to this current position as CEO.

Andrée’s academic studies include a master's degree in Criminology focused on juvenile justice, particularly the development of alternative school models and early intervention for the prevention of juvenile offending.

Rachel Watson

Operations Manager

Rachel has highly developed skills in facilitation, problem solving, leadership, creative thinking, innovation, and design. She is passionate about working on projects that deliver change, provide an experience, and build on what has come before. Rachel has experience in navigating systems and processes from 29 years of working in the community services sector across local, state, commonwealth and NFP sectors, including a lived experience in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities.


Rachel has been part of transformational leadership with a focus on innovation, results, and quality outcomes, with an oversight of service delivery, growth, quality and innovation across Queensland in the areas of housing, homelessness, social inclusion, mental health and aged care. 


Rachel sees her role as most importantly as an enabler, Supporting projects/ services and staff on the ground to be able to provide the highest quality service provision to the clients we work with. She is passionate that good systems and collaboration will enhance the capacity of service delivery and that engaging with partners, stakeholders and advocates will contribute to ERCS growing its impact on more children, young people and communities.

Yvonne Diab

Business Development Manager

Yvonne is a senior and highly skilled growth marketing and relationship development professional whose career has been driven by her ability to balance strategy and action to bring about results and solutions. She has held sales, marketing and leadership roles across commercial, not-for-profit, education and member-based organisations.

Yvonne has acquired extensive knowledge across revenue diversification and business planning, delivering innovative and integrated marketing and sales roadmaps which span a variety of client channels. Her passion is leading and mentoring teams to achieve organisational growth potential through collaboration and best practice.

Yvonne’s role of ultimately driving positive social impact comes with a big and bold agenda which she achieves through inspired leadership and sustainable partner management. Seeking out and developing commercial opportunities is the cornerstone of her growth strategy which is supported by her experience in commercial sustainability, operational efficiency, budget management, standards compliance, product and program development and client experience analysis.

Jessica Alikaris

Collaborative Project Coordinator

Jessica Alikaris is the Collaborative Projects Coordinator for Edmund Rice Community Services. Her focus is on leading the evaluation and policy implementation efforts across all levels of our organisation, as well as supporting projects that generate positive impact for all.

She leads with a strong sense of purpose, whilst living into her values of honesty, integrity, and generosity in every interaction. Jess is effective at building relationships, positive team culture, and has a strong history of combining strategic thinking with the responsibility for operational excellence.

Along with her most recent position of Executive Officer at Edmund Rice Camps SA, Jess has several years’ experience in the sport, leisure, and recreation industry.

Jennifer Lewis

Safeguarding Coordinator

Jenny is highly passionate and dedicated to all aspects of safeguarding. This passion stems from her professional experience where she has been in positions that have enabled her the privilege to share in others' journeys and bear witness to some of the injustices that many children, young people and adults have faced and continue to face.

Jenny’s practise centres around her belief that to work holistically and in true partnership with others, we must ensure that respect, integrity and honesty are undoubtedly present. In her experience, she understands the inherent value of partnership and knows that no partnership can be established or fully effective without equality and cannot reach its fullest potential without these values.

Jenny’s extensive professional safeguarding experience and her passion have always centred around working with children, families, and communities.  

She has worked within community agencies, local state Departments and Religious organisations spanning both nationally and internationally, and maintained a focus on upholding the rights of, and advocating for safety on behalf of those most vulnerable.  Jenny combines her professional knowledge with her passion for people and communities. She is committed to sharing these passions of hers and seeks opportunities for new networks where she can support or raise awareness of safeguarding within the community.

The primary academic foundations for Jenny’s career are founded on her master’s degree in social work and a Bachelor of Human Services.

Melinda Brock

Personal Assistant to the ERCS Chief Executive Officer

Melinda has devoted half of her career to working with leaders, executives, practitioners and students in Christian education and the not-for-profit sector. Bringing organisational and administration skills to workplaces, supporting teams and Executives is a passion.

Melinda is proud to be involved with organisations that seek to make a difference in communities locally, nationally and globally through education, deepening understanding about equitable and collaborative communication and relationships, particularly in places where voices are often unheard.

With experience that spans across the Christian education industry and private not-for-profit sectors, Melinda possesses highly valued administrative and organisational skills, providing attention to detail, project-based event management, efficient and high-level support to those she works with. Melinda aspires to work for organisations who are making a difference to the disadvantaged and desires to serve others in a way that releases them to perform their role to the best of their ability.  Melinda is empathetic and driven by her values of equity and social responsibility which she lives out in her every-day life.

In recent years Melinda’s increased knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives has ignited a passion for advocacy, intercultural understanding, and equity in both education and our nation.  She desires for authentic reconciliation and hope among all peoples.  Her professional and personal experience is an active demonstration of her commitment to her core values and beliefs.

Mary Groenewegen

Finance Manager

Mary is the Finance Manager for the Christian Brothers Oceania Province. She has a Bachelor of Business from RMIT and is a CPA. Mary has over 30 years’ experience in the finance field in various industries and has been a member of the Christian Brothers Finance Team since the beginning of 2005.

During a short break from the finance world to raise three children, Mary decided to shift gear and seek a career in the not-for-profit sector where she felt her finance skills could be put to good use. Mary attributes her passion for the finance world to a Christian Brother who taught her accounting in secondary school.

Mary is a keen tennis player (not necessarily a great one) and would love to travel more when she has the time.

Adrian Brannan

Formation Coordinator
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