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More than a Homework Club

Edmund Rice Community and Refugee Services’ Homework Clubs are more than a Homework Club. They are an opportunity for children to build relationships, increase overall interest in school, and develop social connections, all while also enhancing their learning and development.

At the Homework Clubs students are paired up with a volunteer who mentor and tutor a child 1:1. These volunteers are secondary and tertiary students looking to give back, and even retirees who are passionate about the education of young people. ERCRS primarily works in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs with a focus on supporting children and families from various refugee and migrant backgrounds. They create a welcoming, inclusive environment where they support not only educational needs, but provide a base of holistic support for the whole family unit through mentoring programs and skill development.

A recent evaluation of one of these Homework Clubs surveyed the students who attend, school staff, volunteers, and interviewed parents to help create a picture of the holistic impact that Homework Clubs make.

Building relationships between the community and the school
Increased interest in school
Increased social connections
Enhanced learning and development

ERCRS's Homework Clubs are more than just a space for children to do their homework. As important as that is, they are a holistic program that helps children, their parents, and the whole community thrive and reach their full potential. You can follow ERCRS on Facebook and Instagram and learn more about the diversity of programs and services that they offer the community via their website.

Note: The evaluation included surveys of school staff and leadership (n=5), students who attended the program (n=15) and ERCRS volunteers (n=9). One parent whose children attended the program participated in a one-one interview.’


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