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Social Justice Resources for Schools

We live in a world of extremes – extreme wealth, extreme climate and extreme inequality. Responding to these extremes can no longer be the sole preserve of academics, politicians and policymakers. Education has an important role to play.

The Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education has developed a number of educational resources that can be used by teachers to incorporate themes of social justice, human rights and eco-justice into the classroom. These resources are regularly updated. Users are encouraged to use and distribute the work for non-commercial purposes (including educational purposes, research and study) as long as the work is unchanged and is attributed to the author of the material (such as ERC or another organisation).

The resources can be adapted to all year levels and curriculum areas. For more details head to the Centre's website or click to read about some of their resources below.

Refugees and People Seeking Asylum Education Activities Resource for Teachers

The Pyramid of Hate

Just Facts

Just Speakers

Just Comments


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