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Read research from the Edmund Rice Centre on issues important to us.

The research conducted by the Edmund Rice Centre is centred on community education and advocating for a more just world. Their approach to research and community education is defined by:  

  • Understanding the shape and nature of our unequal world

  • Interacting with that world; and

  • Imagining and shaping a different world. 


We believe that when people are inspired by choice, capacity and motivation, they are in a position to act for change in their world. 

Settlement Cities

A place-based study of Australia's major centres for refugee resettlement

The Settlement Cities Report is a major new report on the settlement experiences of refugees in Australia. The report takes a place-based approach to refugee settlement, focusing on ‘Settlement Cities’ - the LGAs where refugees most frequently settle in Australia. Based on in-depth qualitative interviews and focus groups with refugees and local service providers, the report highlights:

  • the aspirations, achievements and challenges refugees experience when settling in Australia

  • how refugees feel about the places where they now live

  • refugee experiences of community and belonging

  • challenges and strategies for equitable access to local services

Refugee Employment Experience

Struggles, Strategies and Solutions

The Edmund Rice Centre launched officially its new research report Refugee Employment Experience: Struggles, Strategies and Solutions on Tuesday 27 July 2021.

The report highlights the refugee perspective on working and looking for work by listening to what refugees themselves say about their job seeking efforts and their experiences in the Australian labour market. The report calls for several changes in how refugees are supported to find employment, including: moving away from the generalist Jobactive model to the provision of more tailored support, shifting the focus of employment support programs from providing training opportunities to creating opportunities to work, and addressing the systemic discrimination refugees face in the labour market.

Settlement Experience of Syrian and Iraqi Refugees

Opportunities, Challenges and the Way Forward

After a pilot community evaluation project in 2017 in which the settlement needs and challenges of newly arrived Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Sydney were evaluated, the Edmund Rice Centre launched the “Syrian and Iraqi Refugee Settlement Experience Research” in 2018. The research investigates the settlement experience of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Sydney, specifically the gap between what is currently provided and what is needed to achieve positive well-being outcomes for refugee settling in Australia.

Fairer Futures

Financing Global Climate Solutions

Fairer Futures: Financing Global Climate Solutions, is a new report led by Oxfam and ActionAid and supported by the Edmund Rice Centre. How Australia responds to climate change over the next decade will determine the fate of billions of people globally and the stability and prosperity of the Pacific region.

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