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Safeguarding Children,
Young People, and
Adults at Risk

We are committed to a strong, proactive, and responsive culture that upholds the safety and security of all.


ERCS is devoted to fostering and maintaining an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and defends the rights of all people, supporting individuals to thrive and experience belonging.


As such, ERCS maintains a zero- tolerance approach to any form of abuse and adopts a child and victim/survivor-centred approach that is both proactive and responsive to safeguarding needs.

Our Safeguarding Principles

Zero tolerance of abuse, exploitation and harassment

ERCS strictly prohibits all forms of abuse against all individuals. ERCS maintains a zero-tolerance of inaction regarding any form of abuse, harassment, or exploitation. The term 'zero-tolerance' does not equate to the want to receive zero reports.


Zero-tolerance means that all persons to whom our Policy applies must report all safeguarding concerns or allegations. It also means that every concern or allegation must be acted upon and responded to fairly. The abuse, exploitation, or harassment of any person, particularly children and adults at risk, will attract civil, criminal, or disciplinary action.

By working to uphold our Safeguarding Principles, ERCS demonstrates genuine respect for the inherent value, dignity, and worth of all. Fundamental human rights are upheld as these are the cornerstone of developing strong communities where every member feels safe and secure, enabling connectedness and belonging.

Safeguarding Resources

Safeguarding Staff Survey 2022

See results from our Safeguarding Staff Survey taken as part of Child Protection Week

The Rights of Children Webinar

Our Child Protection Week 2022 webinar with Edmund Rice International exploring the rights of children and our avenues for advocacy. 

Embedding Cultural Intelligence in Our Systems

Our Child Protection Week 2022 webinar with Mark Yettica-Paulson from Super Native Unlimited and Collaboration for Impact.

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