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Welcome to Edmund Rice Camps Giving Day 2023

Become a matching donor to help transform lives!

Join us on Wednesday, 6 December 2023, for a remarkable opportunity to be part of something truly extraordinary - our annual Edmund Rice Camps Giving Day. Together, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families by raising essential funds for Edmund Rice Camps, enabling life-changing experiences in 2024. 

Who we are

Edmund Rice Camps are a part of Edmund Rice Community Services (ERCS), a nationally registered not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting children (ages 8-16) and families experiencing vulnerability, to build a positive future.

At ERCS, we believe in walking alongside individuals, assisting them in developing essential life skills, fostering a sense of belonging, and empowering them to make meaningful contributions to their community. Edmund Rice Camps help equip children and families. We are part of a nationwide movement for change, enhancing resilience, self-worth, and aspirations for the future. 

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Your impact matters. Become a matching donor today! 

We're seeking matching donors for Edmund Rice Camps Giving Day, and your support is invaluable. By becoming a matching donor, you can double the impact of every individual donation and significantly enhance our ability to make a positive difference. 


Ready to become a matching donor?

Email to sign up as a matching donor for Edmund Rice Camps Giving Day 2023 and start making a positive impact today!

How will we thank you?

In recognition of your generosity, Matching Donors will receive the following acknowledgments:

A spotlight on both the state and national Giving Day fundraising pages

A special mention in the 2023 Annual Report

Feature on our website and social media channels, both prior to and following the campaign​

"Seeing my children grow up and develop so much within one week. Particularly for one child, a huge decrease in anxiety while on camp which was so wonderful to see as a parent. Seeing my child feel so validated and supported by their buddies - they have thrived with the care and attention."

A carer on a Family Camp

Edmund Rice Camps creative outdoor activities

The impact of your donation

Our programs make a positive difference to children and families experiencing vulnerability. With over three decades of experience, Edmund Rice Camps have a rich history of transforming children's lives through wellness, building resilience, and offering opportunities for personal growth, community integration, and healthy relationships. 

Your donation as a matching donor on Edmund Rice Camps Giving Day directly contributes to: 


Empowering young lives

One-on-one mentoring, fostering confidence, healthy social interactions, and community participation. Instilling hope in the future for young people who have never had the chance to dream. 


Bringing joy 

Providing much-needed positivity and fun during school holidays for children in out-of-home and kinship care. 


Providing safety and respite

Offering a safe haven for young people seeking respite from their home environment. 


Fostering friendship & connection 

Breaking down social isolation by helping kids make their first group of friends. 

Long-term transformation

These immediate outcomes pave the way for long-term, life-changing transformations:

Building resilient, empowered, and hopeful young individuals. 

Creating a brighter future for teenagers in foster care. 

Offering a path to safety and a violence-free life. 

Forging bonds that last a lifetime. 

By supporting one of Australia's longest-running children's camps, your organisation demonstrates unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility. Your generosity reflects the extent of your dedication to impactful philanthropy and community support. 

Become a matching donor today


Mark your calendar for 6 December 2023 and help us double our impact

Join us on Edmund Rice Camps Giving Day 

Make a difference, be part of something greater, and help us change lives for the better. Your contribution on National Giving Day is an investment in the future of children and families in need. Together, we can shape a brighter tomorrow. 

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