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Annual Report

Our latest Annual Report is now available. Inside you'll find: 

  • Reports from our Board Chair, Helen Mahoney OAM and Executive Director, Andrée Brown

  • A summary of our Financial Report for 2022

  • Stories of impact and success

  • Updates from the leaders of each ERCS Community

  • Our amazing Supporters in our Mission

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Our Strategy

Thriving Together

Since we first came together as ERCS in 2021, we been exploring how we can Thrive Together. With our first ever Strategic Plan we've found our roadmap to success.


Read research from across the Edmund Rice Centre on issues important to us.

The research conducted by the Edmund Rice Centre is centred on community education and advocating for a more just world. Their approach to research and community education is defined by:  

  • Understanding the shape and nature of our unequal world

  • Interacting with that world; and

  • Imagining and shaping a different world. 


We believe that when people are inspired by choice, capacity and motivation, they are in a position to act for change in their world. 

Safeguarding Resources

Safeguarding is always the number one priority for us. We are always publishing resources for our community and the general public to deepen our  awareness of safeguarding issues.

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