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Introducing Edmund Rice Camps SA

Edmund Rice Camps SA is a community based not-for-profit delivering peer-mentor and positive role-modelling programs. We strive to support children who have experienced trauma and adversity to thrive and belong by creating a space where they can just be kids. We do this by providing a variety of group based, recreational activities, for participants to learn, connect, grow and aspire for a better future.

It is our priority to encourage sustainable change and development within communities, by promoting resilience, self-esteem, and a sense of purpose and achievement in every child, adolescent and adult that attends camp. We are committed to the ongoing support of our participants over multiple camps, and multiple years.

Our programs usually take place during school holidays and are designed and implemented by volunteers aged 16 – 26 years old. All of our programs have a 1:1 ratio of skilled and volunteer leaders to participants. This high ratio enables us to provide individual and intensive support and enrichment for all of our participants – each with their own abilities, needs and circumstances.

Edmund Rice Community Services will share the success and stories of Edmund Rice Camps SA into 2022 and beyond. You can also stay up to date with Camps SA directly at:


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