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An equally positive impact on me | Tori's Story

Our volunteers are the cornerstone of our programs. Whether as mentors on an Edmund Rice Camp, tutors in a Homework Club, or at the Edmund Rice Centre, volunteers are the lifeblood of ERCS. We are committed to nurturing and supporting our volunteers to be the best that they can be, not only for the people they walk alongside, but so that they can go on to become advocates and change-makers in their careers.

One of our inspiring volunteers is Tori*, a volunteer with Edmund Rice Camps SA. Recently Tori reflected on her experience as a volunteer with Eddie Rice Camps and how it has impacted her.

"Personally I am very grateful for the opportunity to support Adelaide’s disadvantaged youth in an environment where everyone is treated as an equal. It’s taught me a lot about working with people from all walks of life and made me more grateful of my connections and community.

I think a lot of the other volunteers get those warm and fuzzy feelings from camp as I do. Probably the reason so many of us return. There’s something very special about seeing a shy kid come out of their shell, or place their trust in you. To grow and develop in a nurturing environment is so important to anyone’s future. To help create that, and then watch a participant reap those benefits, and express joy, is incredible.

A recent story that comes to mind was when I volunteered at a teen girls camp late last year. A participant I hadn’t crossed paths with in a fair while, called out my name and rushed over as I arrived. She then began recounting all the camps we’d been on together and activities we’d done.

I was so touched and amazed that I’d appeared to make such an impact in this girl’s journey. Truth is though, that shared moments like these were what made an equally positive impact on me."

We're so proud that we're able to create experiences like Tori's. To volunteer and help make a difference like her, get involved here..

By donating $100 today, you can help support the training of three volunteers like Tori.

*Stock imagery used and name changed to protect privacy


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